Rent Reviews

Most leases agreed under the old Code contain a provision for the rent to be reviewed. This will depend on what was agreed when the lease was originally negotiated and can be an annual review or one every three or five years.

The Telecoms Market is constantly shifting which often means that the Market Rent at the date of review will have changed from the rent set at the start of the lease. Market Rent is based on many variables, and considerable expertise and experience are required to compile a case based on comparable evidence, taking all factors into account. Amsy Chartered Surveyors has a large database of comparable evidence to help provide the support to the negotiations.

Moreover, if the date of the Rent Review has passed, more often than not, the Review can still be carried out and backdated rent recovered.

At Amsy Chartered Surveyors we have the expertise and experience necessary to ensure you are realising the full potential of your site. We have seen countless landlords unaware of the true value of their lease. It is vital that you receive expert advice immediately to ensure you are receiving the maximum rent possible.


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What Our Clients Say

“Having achieved an uplift of over 30% in our rental income, and having recovered significant unpaid electricity costs we were unaware of, all the while providing dependable advice. 


Amsy Chartered Surveyors has provided outstanding service and we would definitely recommend them.”

— Anton Littler,


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