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New Agreement Negotiations

Have you been approached by a mobile phone company wishing to install a mast or antennas?

Unsure what they have rights to do, given the new Electronic Communications Code?

With over 30 years experience in the field, at Amsy we have the answers you need.

Rent Reviews

Did you know that most leases contain a way for you to increase the rent you earn every few years?

Using our extensive database of comparable evidence and our unique expertise in the field, we can make sure that your rent is reviewed to the highest amount possible.

Lease Renewals

Looking to renew your lease?
It’s not as simple as you might think.

The world of telecom leases has changed drastically in the past few years, and without careful consideration, you could end up with a lease far less favourable than the old one. 
Click here to find out how we can help protect your interests.

Site Audits

Has your tenant installed something that wasn’t agreed to in the lease? Are they allowing parties access to your property that you never agreed to? Or do you simply want to know what exactly is installed on your property?

If so, find out how we can carry out a site audit - and potentially help you monetize any breach of lease here.

Site Share Requests

Have you been advised by the Operator of their intention to share your property with another company?

They may not have rights to do so, and even if they do, we may be able to negotiate a rental increase or one off payment!

Site Access Management

Are you being bombarded with access requests? Not sure if you are able to charge for allowing access?

Using our years of experience, we offer a management solution which ascertains who is allowed access, and ensures they pay to do so, if necessary.

Lease Capitalization

Tired of a lease that is a constant, endless hassle? Do you wish you could find a way out of your lease without losing the income it’s generating you?

Then you’re in the right place.

Find out how we can help you get out of your lease—and leverage your lease income to your advantage—here.

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Have you got a MOBILE PHONE MAST or ANTENNAS on your property?


Have you been approached by a MOBILE PHONE COMPANY wishing to INSTALL a mast or antennas?

If so call The Telecommunications specialists NOW to ensure that you receive the best deal!


Has the Operator notified you of their intentions to terminate your lease? Are they trying to convince you that its worth your while to let them leave their equipment behind?

Often, they might not have rights to terminate, and leaving their equipment behind may cause you some serious financial liability.

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