There have been major changes to the UK mobile phone market in recent years. Mobile Phone Operators are seeking to cut expenditure to maintain maximum cost-effectiveness. Vodafone and O2 have created a joint venture to share and manage their sites under the name Cornerstone Telecommunication Infrastructure Limited (CTIL), whilst T-Mobile has bought out Orange and rebranded themselves as Everything Everywhere (EE). EE and 3 (H2g) have, for quite a while, been sharing their installations. This is known as Network Consolidation. The outcome of these developments is that the Operators are trying to reduce the number of installations they require and decommission of the excess. They are also trying to reduce the rental levels of the remaining sites. This has led to the Rent Reduction Project to save money and Decommissioning Projects to reduce their rent roll, whilst they seek to retain the effectiveness of their service network.

If you have received notification from the Operator discussing the ongoing Network Consolidation, it is vital that you are aware of the impact that this may have on your lease.

Amsy Chartered Surveyors have significant experience in dealing with the ramifications of Network Consolidation and will provide expert advice and professional service to ensure you are being represented properly.

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