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Welcome to Amsy Chartered Surveyors:

Telecom Mast Specialists That Are Here for You



Let’s face it:


Having a telecoms installation on your property is a complicated affair.


What is a fair rent to receive for hosting a phone mast? How do you protect your rights? How do you even make sense of the documents you’re signing and the correspondence you receive?


That’s where we come in.




Who We Are


We’re a RICS-regulated firm of Telecoms Specialist Surveyors with over 30 years of combined experience in the field. We operate throughout the United Kingdom.


And we firmly represent and protect landlords’ rights.


It’s a viewpoint that started decades ago, back when our Director, Dovid, worked as an agent for Operators like Orange, Vodafone, and 3 (H3g). He discovered that, due to their far superior knowledge, experience, and negotiating power, Operators consistently gained the upper hand in negotiations.


Amsy Chartered Surveyors was founded to give property owners a fair chance.




What We Do for You


Amsy Chartered Surveyors was founded in 2008 with the aim to empower property owners with the tools to protect their rights and ensure they received fair rents. Our decades of experience working with Operators allows us to know exactly what you can and should be negotiating for.


We represent all types of clients: from rural property owners and farmers through large investment funds and property management firms. We’re renowned for our expert experience and knowledge in the field; Surveyors and Solicitors consult with us when they need specialist advice. But no matter the client, our outlook has never changed: we’re here for you. We recognize that every situation is different, and every property owner has their own needs and goals. Whether you’re negotiating an initial lease/agreement or need help dealing with an existing one, we put your needs first by ensuring your needs and goals remain protected—all while explaining the complex world of telecom masts in simple English.


So if you need help with a telecoms mast on your property and don’t know where to turn...


Just fill out the form below to contact us.


We can help.


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