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As the Telecommunications Market evolves, Operators are seeking new sites for masts. They typically will approach a land or property owner and make an offer for rights to install equipment. These are referred to as Heads of Terms. It is important that the Terms agreed are carefully considered.


Whilst a large number of Landlords have a surveyor who can deal with general property matters, Telecommunications, being a specialist market, requires someone who has the knowledge of this field. Quiet often what appeared to be a good deal will, as time goes by, become apparent as the very opposite. With its technical knowledge of these lease agreements, Amsy Chartered Surveyors will ensure the terms agreed are the best available.


Obviously, the Operators seek to maximise their rights in the lease. The headline rent is just one of many factors that the lease is made up of. The rights that the Operators seek may be inconvenient or can even leave you open to risk. Telecommunications leases fall under the protection of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 which contain provisions to protect business tenancies. In addition, the Telecommunications Act as revised in 2003 provides Operators with certain protection.


If you have been approached by a Mobile Phone Operator or other Telecommunications company seeking to site a mast on your land or antennas/aerials/dishes etc on your property, Amsy Chartered Surveyors, with extensive knowledge in the Telecommunications field, will help negotiate the best terms for you.


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Have you got a MOBILE PHONE MAST or ANTENNAS on your property? Have you been approached by a MOBILE PHONE COMPANY wishing to INSTALL a mast or antennas?


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